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Forex Grey label Cost

Forex Grey Label Cost

Forex Grey label Cost helps aspiring forex brokers start small at low cost and scale up as the business grows. GL Solution platform, also known as “Generic White Label“ is the first step of starting a small Online Forex Trading Brokerage business. Trusted name Forex Grey Label. We have been helping entrepreneurs to start up with their own Forex Brokerage Business for years. Different entrepreneurs have different expertise and capacity. While one forex solution may suit one prospective forex broker, the other broker might need some other solution. This is where our portfolio of MT4 & MT5 White Label & Grey Label Solutions. MT4 / MT5 Grey label is a low-cost software that works just like you own the main server, and provides all the necessary assistance to handle the trading requirements of your customers and allows you to expand as your business grows. About Grey label platform.

Grey Label

Grey Label platform, also known as “Generic White Label“ is the first step of starting a small Online Forex Trading Brokerage business. Basically people believe that Grey Label is nothing more than a manager account belonging to a White Label provider with special groups set and run a B book forex business. Also people believe that it is risky tool that shut down service at any time.

Grey label Business

As MT4 & MT5-Whitelabel, we redefined GL Platforms. We recommend our partners not to take only manager and run B-book forex broker but GL partner may use their own choice liquidity connection to forward their book risk easily. GL user may also set his clients leverage, stop out levels, margin call levels, margins and symbol contract sizes as per their own business policies. Grey Label user can have different kind of agreements which can be decided according to user need and possibilities. By this way, Grey Label user will enjoy a hybrid forex solution easily and grow their business. Also having a partnership agreement with MT4 license holder will give a legal umbrella for this type of business. Of course, MetaQuotes don’t look favorably Grey Labels who uses it for fraud purposes with a small monthly fee. But user of Grey Labels which works under reliable brokers and license holders are always welcome.
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Forex Grey Label Solution is one of the low-cost solutions for people who want to start own forex brokerage business. Most of them are either not too sure of the success of their start-up forex brokerage business or running short of funds or maybe both! So they want to test their business plan at a low investment which we must say is a sound strategy

Grey Label Forex Solutions are also called co-branded fx brokerage solutions and are usually offered by Forex White Label license holders.

Technically the Forex Grey Label Solution is an Introducing Brokers accounts that use the brand of a Forex White Label only. Grey Label Forex Brokers operate under the umbrella of a White Label Broker and use their brand.

A grey label forex broker may use their own brand as well on their brokerage website, broker CRM, and traders room but the trading terminal will have the logo and brand of the original MT4 or MT5 White Label broker.