Grey Label

Whitelabel Solution


$ 5500
  • $5000 Setup Fees
  • MT4 / MT5 WL
  • Traderroom / CRM
  • Company Registration
  • Website Design & Host
  • Payment Gateway
  • Live Chat Applications
  • IB & Affiliates


$ 6500
  • $7500 Setup fees
  • MT4 / MT5 WL
  • Traderroom / CRM
  • Company Registration
  • Website & Host
  • Payment Gateway
  • Virtual Dealer
  • Plugin Box
  • Mobile App


$ 7000
  • $10k Setup Fees
  • MT4 / MT5 WL
  • CRM
  • Demo Manager
  • Business Emails
  • Live Chat Application
  • 250 Custom Sysmbols
  • MAMM Plugin
  • Trade Copier
  • Web Terminal

White label | MT5 Solution

 White Label or MetaTrader 5 White Label is the successor to MT4 White Label which was launched about 2 decades back and still leads all Forex White Labels in terms of popularity among the forex traders. MT5 White Label is an advanced upgrade to MT4 which was primarily developed for Forex Trading.

MT5 has been developed for larger traders base which are interested trading not only the Forex but also the exchange traded instruments like shares, stocks, bonds, futures and options contracts etc.


  • We can safely credit MT4 White Label for the development of Online Forex Trading Market. MT4 helped Forex Trading to reach every nook and corner of the world and now small retail traders too can trade into forex with the help of brokers using MT4 Trading Solution.
  • But MT4 had its limitations; it was developed primarily keeping the Forex Trading in mind. It was developed for Forex Traders and currency pairs. MT4 has limited functionalities for Exchange traded instruments like stocks, shares, bonds, futures and options contracts etc. MT5 has solved this problem and now exchanges instruments too can be traded on it.
  • Although enough for forex traders at that time, MT4 has fewer indicators and chart options. As the Forex Trading Market grew so did the ways to do the technical analysis. Charts, indicators, volumes etc. are at the core of most of technical analysis. So there are greater need for more and more indicators, charts and design cum drawing tools.  MT5 comes packed with more indicators, charts and drawing tools for Technical Analysts.
  • Another limitation with MT4 has been the capping on number of instruments which is 1024. It means a total of 1024 trading instruments can be added in an MT4 Admin and can be assigned for trading which was more than enough as it was used only for Forex Trading.
  • But when you are talking about exchanges traded instruments including futures and options contracts that expire every week, month, quarter and year; one practically needs scope to add unlimited trading instruments. MT5 has removed the capping on number of trading instruments and you can add unlimited instruments now.
  • Last but not the least, one needs several add-ons like MT4 Liquidity Bridge to connect with Liquidity Providers in MT4. MetaTrater5 comes with an in-built liquidity bridge with provision to connect with some very popular and trusted liquidity providers.
  • Rest of the features and components of an MT5 White Label remain same as MT4 White Label which was have already discussed in a dedicated blog. Please check them here.